Remove the "wins in a row" rule

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Re: Remove the "wins in a row" rule

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November 5, 2020 0:05:42

you ask me to argue, ok no problem

If I'm facing also new player, I don't have any problem to unlock by wisntreak system.. But, I'm facing experienced player.. And they have many good characters such as :

- edo tensei tayuya (S) : the counter system is awesome, defending also counter
- maito gai : defend also counter
- edo tensei kidoumare (S) : if the opponents attack, they got stunned... awesome

Please use your basic character and face enemy that use some characters that I stated above. And please upload it to youtube.

And now, I would ask to apply costing system for the engine. The engine should matching users based on team cost. for exampe :

each base character cost 5
edo tensei tayuya (S) cost 40

so new player with team cost 15 will not matched with player with team cost 50. However, good job for you that have been unlocking many character. You are good player, but only small number of people know it if the member of Naruto Arena also small. Because some new player may get upset when the start playing it.

compare to other games, what they do to get more member ?... they attract new member with given some advantage such as gems, free characters, free heroes, etc. But NA, creating difficulties to new players. congratulations.

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