Naruto Arena is back?

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Naruto Arena is back?

Post: # 116511Post GotSharingan
November 9, 2021 0:52:01

Hey I tried playing this naruto arena version but none of the images show up or abilities? Is that what it is supposed to do for copyright reasons or is there something wrong with my browser? Like are we just supposed to play with say Ninja 1 and look up what skill 1-4 are or am I missing something?

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Re: Naruto Arena is back?

Post: # 116636Post LorenzoFlip
November 12, 2021 18:24:17

You're going to want to go to

Custom Themes (NEW) Under Account
and activate this code

It comes from the discord server, it'll let you see all the images. There's some other variations with altered images, but that's the default code. There used to be a guide for this that new players could see, but it's not visible with the webpage in its Halloween Layout.

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