Balance Suggestions: Second Edition

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Re: Balance Suggestions: Second Edition

Post: # 119218Post ImFine
January 8, 2022 2:19:56

Made a post awhile back about some suggestions and changes which some went through to live game so this post will be doing the same thing.

This duo in particular is in no way healthy for the game despite looking weak, Dai's Ability " EIGHT GATES OPENING " should not be able to be removed by any skill in the game such as " DEVOURER OF DREAMS ", It just gets rid of the characters weakness while making him able to spam high damage + invulnerable and not actually dying. My suggestion is to make this ability just not be able to be removed by any skill since it makes no sense for the ability to be removed in the first place.

New character so not much to them other than I believe " NEUTRALISING DESTRUCTION INSECT " or " INSECT BARRICADE " should at least have a 1 turn cooldown since affliction damage ignores defense / damage reduction and putting a spam stun character in the comp isn't hard and makes it hard to counter this character or reduce the damage that this character can put out.

In need of some small buffs although this could be said for some paths since they aren't played as much, doesn't need a large buff since they can all easily dominate the meta as seen with human path, naraka and preta. Not sure about what to suggest for this character other than maybe tweaking around " RINNEGAN REFLECTION "

Not sure why this character has been in almost every other match I played recently seems a small bit unhealthy to play against when he's paired with BYAKUGOU SAKURA or any character with strong healing. ( Not asking for a buff or nerf, just wondering why he's in almost every match now )

The Ability " CHARGING MYSTICAL PALM " should receive some type of small nerf since it makes you ignore anything helpful and can also be spammed making it a bit hard to protect the character that is being focused, average overall character so doesn't need any harsh nerfing. ( EDIT : This ability definitely needs a cooldown or add a random to the cost of it )

Pretty much a meta character for all low levels and some mid high but why does this character not have a single cooldown ? strong heal , strong self heal + removes all harmful effects + no cooldown. Not sure what to suggest since this character is a staple to lower levels other than maybe make " CHAKRA GATHERING " not be able to be used for 1-2 turns after all 3 seals are used.

Why are all of this characters abilities invisible , deal affliction damage and have no cooldown ?

I remember when this character used to be able to do 60 damage but anyway was wondering why the ability " FLYING THUNDER GOD " isn't able to make allies inv anymore, don't remember the history of this characters balance since the release of this version of the game but if it was oppressive then I can understand.

I believe I suggested this before but " CHAKRA HAIR STRAND TRAP " has the potential to be reworked or changed into a much better skill befitting of the character.

A character I talked about before that will continue to struggle, I believe this character could either be reverted or fully reworked again to have a much more simple kit that can maybe fit into the meta or at the least start to get some play.

Once again characters with no cooldowns and high damage while gaining damage reduction, either " CLOUD-STYLE FRONT BEHEADING " needs to deal 5 less damage or just flat out have a cooldown especially since you can pair it with " PARTNERED COMBAT ", characters like this aren't healthy for the game. ( I understand that this skill is supposed to stack but the damage is a bit high for not having a cooldown )

" QUICK RECOVERY " could be changed to have a 2 turn cooldown

Why is " DANCE OF THE CRESCENT MOON " considered a mental ability, It's not genjutsu like Itachi body double's " FINGER GENJUTSU ", could this ability not be considered ( Physical, Instant ) like Konohamru's counter or
( Strategic, Instant ) ?

Hopefully some of these suggestions seem good and the mods / devs take it into consideration for the next update, thanks for reading.
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Re: Balance Suggestions: Second Edition

Post: # 119294Post ZoliMester
January 9, 2022 9:36:10

Give effects for Temari's skill for the lover of god.
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Re: Balance Suggestions: Second Edition

Post: # 119740Post Garugah
January 17, 2022 15:12:17

Anko (S) suggestions:

Cursed Seal of Heaven: Enhance:
1. This is skill should be invisible otherwise the opponent will always know when Anko (s) has used the "Physical Pull In" skill.

2. The damage reduction granted by this skill should also be invisible for effectivness purpose.

3. Every stack from this skill should increase the non-affliction damage of " Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands" skill by 5. Anko has only 1 damage skill and it is pretty weak (20 dmg per turn), this change could help her.

Physical Pull In:

Since I am proposing a buff on the "Cursed Seal of Heaven: Enhance" skill, it may be necessary a nerf on the "Physical Pull In" skill, making it counter only the first enemy to use a skill on Anko and not all enemies. Also, the effect that make Anko invulnerable if she use the "Cursed Seal of Heaven: Enhance" skill should be removed aswell.

With these changes I think she could be an interisting character: Invisible buffs and damage reduciton and a decent counter skill

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Re: Balance Suggestions: Second Edition

Post: # 119913Post Shanks
January 20, 2022 18:44:18


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