Naruto Arena Rules [EN]

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Naruto Arena Rules [EN]

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June 26, 2019 7:18:55

1. Do not spam/flood.
2. Do not flame.
3. Do not rip.
4. Do not double or multi post.
5. Do not advertise or promote other websites/services as a whole.
6. Do not publicly trade or sell accounts.
7. Do not discuss the staff and its actions.
8. Do not incite drama.
9. Do not link or post porn/nudity. This applies to images, videos and texts.
10. Do not link or post upsetting/racist content. This applies to images, videos and texts.
11. Do not act as a staff member if you are not one.
12. Do not hack/scam.
13. Do not evade your bans.
14. Do not break real life laws, and do not bring forum issues to a personal manner. E.g.: real life threatening.
15. Do not impersonate any forum member.

This applies to all posts, topics, avatars, signatures and private messages.


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